Full Assessment:
Full initial consultation, assessment and first therapy: £55 for one hour, up to £100 for two hours.

Smoking Cessation: £100 up to two hours
Normally 1-2 hours is required for smoking cessation, usually with no further follow up. However it has happened where a client required a top up at an agreed rate. Prices reflect quality and depth of work.

*Less than a month’s smoking costs on average, plus all the additional benefits.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: £55 an hour
PTSD is very individual so the number of sessions depends largely on the client. Prices reflect quality and depth of work.

Palliative care and Pain management: £55 an hour

Phobias, Fears, habits and Anxiety: £100 up to two hours
For most phobias 2 or 3 sessions are required with no further follow up. Long term therapies i.e. for stress or relationship problems can attract a discount if the therapy is required on a monthly basis.

Weight Management: £100 up to two hours
This can fluctuate and can be dependent on various influences so treatments have to be tailored to the individual. Historically most people achieve success within 3 to 5 sessions, while some clients require ongoing support on a monthly or quarterly basis. But hypnotherapy does not suit everybody and usually clients know after the first two or three sessions whether they are achieving a result. However, even resistant clients have received a benefit after continuing for up to 8 sessions.

Intensive Full Day Workshops £320 for those who want rapid results.
Call for more information.

Other therapies:
Initial assessment from £55 (depending upon time)

*Cancellations   – Note there is a £20 charge if we are not given 48 hours notice.