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I am an inspired Hypnotherapist with a diverse background and because of this you are offered a powerful combination of life experience, common sense, amalgamated with a variety of interventions (because Clinical Hypnosis alone is not for everyone) to develop self-awareness, engage a new viewpoint and overcome personal obstacles and limiting beliefs.

People are individual so every treatment is approached that way. You receive a detailed analysis and therapy tailored to your specific requirements. By means of heterogeneous assortment of skills we identify your requirements, together, and in confidence.

A personal interest in health, fitness and well-being spans 25 years. The body mind and emotion are closely linked, this understanding is entrenched into my approach, I consider your life as a whole and not just the challenge you currently seek help with. I believe that good mental and physical health are the fundamentals which permit us to achieve our goals, maintain a balance, and be emotionally and physically fit enough to enjoy the rewards of our efforts.

In summary, I find the root cause of what’s preventing you from releasing your potential and taking full advantage of your life. Witnessing the changes my clients achieve remains as rewarding today as it did in the beginning. My busy private practice has grown by reputation, based on the results.